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Stunning eyelash extensions in Exeter

Rapunzels (South West) Ltd in Exeter provides beautiful eyelash extensions. Call me today to learn more about my services.

Marvelbrow 3D eyebrow treatment for a better look

Do you want to get longer, fuller and natural looking eyebrows? We'll provide you beautiful eyebrows using latest techniques of Marvelbrow 3D eyebrow treatment. You can choose from our variety of styles, lengths and tailor the look of your brows to your appearance. Maintenance and infills for your Marvelbrow 3D eyebrows are essential to keep it in the best condition. Get a special eyebrow treatment with our Marvelbrow 3D treatment today!
Want the full package? Get a lash lift & tint in the same sitting from our expert and make your eyes really pop!
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Enhancing your natural beauty with expertly applied eyelash extensions

I am a fully qualified eyelash technician, I love eyelashes; the longer the better, I have never seen a lash that is TOO long.  So however long (or short) you want your eyelashes to be, make your eyes stand out with some beautiful extensions.

Eyelash extensions are like hair extensions for your lashes.  They make your lashes look thicker, fuller and longer which makes your eyes look wider and more dramatic.   No more mascara or fiddling with the eyelash curlers - just thick, beautiful lashes and minimal effort.  Look and feel glamorous from the minute you open your eyes.

 I am fully trained to do the Classic look lash extensions, this means that there is one lash extension attached to each of your natural lashes.  Although, fully qualified to do Classic extensions, my timings are still in the training level and this is reflected in the price.   It takes approximately 180 minutes to complete a full set so lay back and  take the opportunity to listen to some relaxing music (or music of your choice), or simply have a relaxing nap....you won't be the first or last to catch up with some zz's through the procedure.  xx

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