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Beautiful hair extensions in Exeter

I am a fully qualified hair extension professional. I only use 100% human hair. I specialise in Nano rings, as not only are these virtually undetectable but there is very little to no damage to the hair at all. Contact Rapunzels (South West) Ltd today for your consultation. 07742 778 360.

Increase your hair volume in a stylish way

Full Head hair extensions

 You may choose to have a full head for creating length and volume. A full head hair extension session can take about 5-6 hours. As with both the full and half head, you can choose an array of colours from block colour and highlights, to lowlights, sun-kissed and ombre. I will match your extensions to the colour of your hair at the consultation stage.

 Half Head hair extensioons

You may prefer a half head of extensions for many reasons:
  • You may just want volume or an inch or so added to natural hair length.
  • A half head is ideal for those that want to wear more up styles.
  • If you are new to hair extensions and want to see if you can manage them and ease yourself into a full head.  
  • A half head is also ideal for clients who have quite fine hair and may not be able to fit a full head.
I only work with 100% luxury human Reme hair.  All clients having a half or full head of hair extensions receive an aftercare pack including 1x hairapeutix, 1x shampoo, 1x conditioner and a protection serum for extensions.

pre-bonded accessories

 Pre-bonded hair extensions

Pre-bonded also known as U-tip or Nail tip are one of the most popular hair extension methods. This method is suitable for all hair types and is the strongest and most durable extension. Pre-bonded hair extensions are incredibly comfortable to wear and maintain. After your extensions have settled, you will barely notice that they’re even there. Pre-bonded extensions can last 3-4 months with good aftercare.
blond hair extensions

Nano rings

Nano hair extensions are the newest and the most advanced hair extension system. The Nano rings are 2-2.5mm in diameter and they are virtually undetectable. No heat or glue is used in application, therefore hair has little to no damage to it. They are the smallest hair extensions on the market and highly comfortable against the scalp whilst sleeping. Extensions should last approximately 3-4 months with the correct after care.
micro rings extensions

Micro rings

Micro rings are very similar to nano rings but they are slightly bigger, they are between 3-5 mm. Micro rings do not use glue, heat or adhesives. They are a completely cold system. No heat or glue is used in application; therefore hair has little to no damage to it. The hair which is used is I-tip or stick tip and can be re-used if the hair is kept in good condition. Micro rings can last 3-4 months with the right maintenance and care.

Hair care and maintenance

Maintenance appointments are crucial for hair extensions. During maintenance appointments, the condition of the hair is assessed and if there is any matting, this section is either un-matted by me or removed completely if necessary. (If the matting has been left too long and is unmanageable then this may require complete removal of the extensions at an extra cost).

 All rings over the maintenance period at some point will have been re-positioned or replaced ensuring that your extensions are kept in for the maximum amount of time. New hair may also be applied at these maintenance fittings. 1-2 new bundles during each maintenance appointment can boost the longevity of your hair. After approximately 4-5 months (dependent on how the hair is maintained) then the extensions should be completely removed and re-fitted. (It is recommended that a period of 7-14 days is left in-between fittings).
Hair Maintenance

What if I don’t have maintenance appointments?

Before having your extensions fitted, you should understand that these appointments are crucial. If you don’t maintain the hair, then the hair extensions won’t last as long. They may slip out or get tangled and matted, leading to expensive removal costs.
If you do not keep up with your hair extension maintenance appointments, I cannot be held responsible for the condition of your hair extensions.
hairapeutix pre-shampoos

Hairapeutix pre-shampoo for better hair care

Hairapeutix pre-shampoo treatment is an all natural hair mask for dry hair. Pre-shampoo is an ancient concept of applying natural ingredients to dry hair in order to strengthen, nourish and protect it. Here are some advantages of applying pre-shampoo to your hair:

  • The treatment is all natural and organic
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Vegan friendly
  • Safe for use with all hair extensions
  • Conditions hair from within
  • Beneficial for a one-off treatment or long-term use
  • Handy portable sachets
  • Weekly fix can be taken abroad without affecting liquid allowance
hairapeutix shampoo kit

How to use Hairapeutix

Tried and tested on leading hair extension brands, our treatment is designed to keep your hair strong, soft and nourished. Our treatment is 100% natural. We embrace the organic side of life with oils chosen for the raw conditioning properties, and it’s suitable for vegans.  Even our fragrance is natural.

  • Grab a sachet and apply to your unwashed hair extensions from mid-length to ends. Do not apply to bonds.
  • Nourish overnight, but if you are in a hurry just 30 mins will also do the trick.
  • Wash out using your normal shampoo and conditioner.
  • Use twice a week for smooth, nourished hair that lasts.
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